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Kuma shape3

Kuma shape3

Kuma shape III is a new and promising technology for non-surgical body contouring, fat andcellulite reduction, It's safe, effective with worldwide proved clinical efficacy.

● Infrared light (IR) heats the tissue up to 3 mm depth.

● Bi-polar radio frequency (RF) heats tissue up to-15 mm depth.

● Vacuum +/-massage mechanisms enable precise tar geting   

   of energy to the tissue.


● Full quality assurance system (1S09001, 1S013485, CMDCAS)

● RF+ Vacuum+ Infrared Light + Massage

● Body shaping and slimming, Cellulite removal, Fat lipolysis

● Wrinkle removal, Face-lift, Skin tightening

● 2 RF powers, 3 pumps, 10. 4 inch high sensitive touch screen

● New operation software, Precise output of energy

● Real-time control, Operation smoother, Noise free

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Kuma shape III is an easy non-invasive, no downtime, comfortable, deep therapeutic treatment that answers the growing patient demand for full body contouring.

Lipo Contour

36 × 36 mm treatment size

● RF power up to 50W

● Fit size for targeted treatment

● Precise delivery of energy

● Safe and effective treatment

Lipo Curve

50 × 55 mm treatment size

● RF power up to 50W

● Largest size for cellulite treatment

● AUTO Mechanical Manipulation

● Safe and effective treatment


RF power

Up to 50W

RF frequency

10M Hz

Infrared light power

Up to 20W

IR Spectrum


Negative pressure

 0-0. 07 M Pa

Treatment Area Size

(Body) : 50mm × 55mm

(Arm) : 37mm × 23mm

Electrical requirement

230VAC 50Hz 400VA

Dimension (W×D×H)




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